what I look for in a reference picture 


Good photos for me to work from are key when creating your special commission, whether it's a pet or human portrait.  Please use this checklist below to make sure that your chosen photo is up to the standard, as it will reflect in the final piece.

  • Clear and decent quality- make sure all features of your subject can be seen clearly and are not blurry! 

  • Good lighting- I suggest taking outside photos where you can but if the lighting is bright enough inside, this will be fine. 

  • Good angle- I do not recommend taking a photo with the camera really close to your subject's face as this can make their face distorted! The best pictures to work from are straight on and zoomed in just a little. Over-head shots or other angles are not recommended.

  • Unfiltered images- please do not send me images with filters on as I need to see the true colours of the photo. Filters often cover up the tiny details that can make a portrait stand out from the crowd!

If you are unsure of any photos, you are more than welcome to send them through to me anyway to discuss. I love it if you can send a few for me to work from.

And remember- if your commission is a pet portrait, a treat for your furry friend while you're taking a picture always helps!

Contact me via email: elliemaymakes@gmail.com if you have any questions. Visit my order page if you would like to make an enquiry.