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Is that a Billie Eilish Digital Painting?

Oh yes, yes it is. I've recently been exploring and experimenting with Procreate on my iPad, as I'm moving around a lot at the moment and it's much more practical than taking my paints with me everywhere. Although if anyone has a travel bag for art supplies that they fancy getting rid of, please let me know!

I was completely inspired by the image of Billie at the Met Gala in 2022 this year, and I wanted to create a painting that involved some of my new digital techniques and a new palette of colours. This is the result- let me know what you think!

I've been getting to grips with the digital art medium recently, albiet I am definitely trying to use it in a way that mimics more traditional art styles. This has led me to want to really explore these mediums and develop my style to combine both the traditional and modern methods of painting. With that in mind, I wanted to give you some pros and cons to digital art, if you're someone who is deciding whether to get into it!

I should also mention I am not sponsored by Apple- there are plenty of other programs and tools for digital painting.


Ease of access: I've certainly found with my iPad that it is so much easier to take around, especially for quick sketches. With a whole floray of colours and brushes at your fingertips, you can take a whole load of techniques wherever you go.

Images at your fingertips: When you have finished your piece, there's no need to take a picture to make a print- something I've certainly struggled with in the past.

Features of Program: Certainly with procreate, there are so many features (too many to count or even know off the top of your head), that can help you create effects not available in traditional media, as well as teaching you along the way. For example, if you would like to learn about colours and which ones work together well, you have the ability to do this much more easily with a few taps. Plus, if something doesn't work, you don't need to start again or paint over, the undo button really is my best friend sometimes.


Difficulty in painting outdoors: It is practically impossible to see anything on an LDE screen outdoors, which is where traditional media wins. I love being able to paint from life, especially when it is warm in the Summer, so if I wanted to do a digital painting, I would need to take a picture, which definitely ruins the fun for me in some ways.

No Physical Piece: Of course, when finishing a painting you wont have a physical version, unless you make a print. I'm someone who loves to feel a piece in my hand when I've finished it, I find it to be a visual reminder and representation of your hard work. Plus, it is important to remember the image when printed can look very different than when on a screen.

Equiptment can be expensive: Although I love working on my iPad, I definitely feel its a priveledge to have one. It took me a long time to save up for one. Definitely worth the money for me but I would recommend trying before you buy to see if digital painting is something that suits you.

Are you an artist that uses both traditional and digital techniques? I would love to hear about your experience! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time!

Lots of love,

Ellie x

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