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Revisiting Pet Portraits: How I Started My Painting Journey

This week, I finished a pet portrait comission, which I haven't done since this time last year. It was wonderful.

This is the lovely Flossie and Dora, who you may be able to guess, are a couple of cheeky cockapoos. One of my favourite subjects actually, the crazy fur allows me to really convey movement with my brushstrokes and really have fun.

As many of you know, although I've been painting since I was a child, I was never able to take it seriously until lockdown forced us all inside. I was very lucky (or I see it that way anyway,) to be furloughed from my office role, which is when I began starting to paint pets for family and friends for fun. Eventually, due to word of mouth and some very lovely people in my life, I started to build and develop Ellie May Makes, and began painting pet portraits over this time.

Flash forward to now, I'm back to working a full-time office role, as unfortunately my art wasn't sustainable as soon as we were all let outside again. However, I'm so grateful for the time I spent focusing on painting pets, it taught me so much about watercolour and running an art business. Nowadays, I work for the wonderful St Cuthberts Mill, where we make artist paper, which means I get to apply this knowledge to a role in an industry that I am so passionate about.

This does mean that I get to paint whatever I like now though! You may have seen my style develop recently, through painting different subjects and exploring new mediums such as digital art. However, I absolutely adore the chance to get back to my roots and paint a lovely furry friend. I'm still taking commissions, although not as many as before, so if you would like one of my paintings I would love you to get in touch!

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